Northern Health Launches Online Booking System For COVID-19 Tests


Karen Muir, who needed her two-year-old daughter to take a COVID-19 test, says she made it through the system and got a result in a timely manner, but says she knows everyone was not so lucky as she was.

“I’ve heard people wait days for their tests to be picked up,” Muir says.

British Columbia provincial health worker Dr Bonnie Henry hinted at a change on the horizon last week when asked about the backlog of testing and contact tracing facing Northern Health .

Northern Health could not provide details of the backlog of tests last week, but said it faced “a significant increase in call volumes” last week.

On September 28, Northern Health said “We appreciate the patience of callers as we make changes to further improve access; recent changes have increased capacity by approximately 100 calls per day, but call volumes remain high and these efforts continue.

You can find the new online form here.

Other health authorities posted their own COVID-19 test forms a long time ago, Fraser Health implemented its online registration a year ago, and an Interior Health spokesperson said that they had had the system online for as long as she can remember. .

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