“Now we have no idea what to do with it,” says Dickens’ audiobook mastermind


Local audiobook maker duo record epic Christmas classic in under 72 hours: When Ebeneezer Scrooge received a visit from the ghosts of Christmases past, present and future, his famous adventure unfolded over three nights that were magically compacted into one. That’s kind of what happened to Ralph Scott and Kendra Murray of Petaluma last week, when the founders of Squeaky Cheese Productions, a local audiobook recording studio, spontaneously chose to record “A Christmas Carol: the Public Performance Edition “by Charles Dickens, the oral adaptation frequently performed by Dickens himself on his international book-reading tours. Considering how quickly the project was conceived, launched and completed – just under 72 hours – Scott and Murray now consider the whirlwind experience to be some sort of Christmas miracle itself.

Scott explained, “It was a one-off that we produced for Kendra’s daughter, Haley – who lives in Washington state – and her boyfriend, Daniel. Last Christmas, we gave them a superb collection of Christmas tales published in 1940, discovered in an antique store on the boulevard. Murray and Scott asked them to pick a story, swearing to “take it to the mic” by the next one (by which they meant this) Christmas. Scott added: “They selected ‘A Christmas Carol – the Public Performance Edition’ because Haley concluded that a lot of the other stories were ‘a bit misogynistic’ to her liking.”

As it happens, Murray and Ralph waited until the last minute to record the story, and it’s pretty much literal.

“We were going up on Christmas morning,” Scott said.

To record the story, the brains of Squeaky Cheese asked for a few favors, convincingly bringing together several friends to record parts of the play. Scrooge is played by recent Petaluma resident Peter Wozniak. The Ghost of Christmas Past is played by Chris Rodriguez. A former announcer for the Petaluma Radio Players, he recorded from his new home in Pennsylvania. The Ghost of the Christmas Gift was voiced by Dave Murphy, another member of the Petaluma Radio Players, as well as the host of KPCA FM’s “The Midnight Skeptic” radio show.

Novato’s Dori O’Dea plays Ms. Cratchit, while Murray herself voiced Ms. Dilber, the somewhat kleptomaniac laundress. Gina McKinley, formerly of Santa Rosa and just recently returned from Alabama, has also been asked to contribute her voice to the project, her first time as an actress. Even Scott’s daughter, Lucy Grace, contributed, playing Tiny Tim and two other Cratchit children.

“And the boy in the final scene who is sent to get a bigger turkey that’s hanging out of the local butcher’s window,” added Scott, who clearly appreciated the audio engineering equivalent of sprinting to the line. arrival. What matters, of course, is that the unique homegrown giveaway was completed in time for Christmas, so some of the backers might have been a bit exhausted and breathless by the time the recording was over.

“To be sure,” Scott said, “it was a project made just for fun. Now we don’t know what to do with it.”

Upon learning that the Argus-Courier was planning to publish an article in The Buzz, Squeaky Cheese performed a last-minute last act of magic and posted the story online (for free) for the enjoyment of friends, family and friends. fans and those who are not yet ready to give up Christmas. You can find the part on bit.ly/ASqueakyCheeseChristmasCarol.

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