Online booking for the quick test at the airport will be open to everyone


Currently, only passengers traveling to the UAE are allowed to reserve slots on the portal

All passengers will soon be allowed to undergo RT-PCR and rapid antigen test (RAT) for SARS CoV-2 at Chennai airport. Passengers can pay for the test and get the results before boarding a flight or leaving the airport.

Authorities are working to correct a problem with the online slot booking portal for rapid antigen testing for outgoing passengers.

While travelers arriving at the airport face no problem booking online for RAT, passengers traveling to countries other than the United Arab Emirates cannot book a slot online before reaching the airport. . They can’t get past the booking page with the portal displaying a message “only passengers traveling to the UAE should opt for a quick test.” ”

With the United States forcing those entering the country to produce a negative COVID-19 test report from the coming week, the problem could turn into a problem, a few travelers said.

A senior Chennai airport official who acknowledged the issue said it had been brought to the attention of relevant officials and they were coordinating with the Hindlabs to resolve the issue.

However, passengers traveling to other districts of the state can take the rapid PCR test by showing their ticket.

Fees for testing

RT-PCR and Rapid PCR test counters were running around the clock at Chennai Airport.

While the cost for the RT-PCR test is 700, it is 3,400 for the rapid PCR test.

The airport official said that on December 1, 420 people had undergone RT-PCR and rapid PCR tests and that the figure had risen to 591 on December 2.

The COVID-19 Testing Online Booking Website at Chennai Airport is MobVerifyPatRegistrationAAI.aspx


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