Origins of The Wheel of Time audiobook features an interview with Rosamund Pike


Macmillan Audio has kept The wheel of time fandom alive between the first and second seasons of the critically acclaimed series adaptation from Prime Videos Robert Jordanepic novels. Collider is thrilled to exclusively reveal that Origins of the wheel of time, Michael LivingstoneJordan’s deep dive into the real-world history and mythology of the series has been adapted into an audiobook that will be available to listen November 8.

Whereas Rosamund pike doesn’t narrate this audiobook, fans will be pleased to know that it features a bonus interview with the actress, where she discusses her work on the show as Moiraine Damodred. Origins of the wheel of time will include narration from Jordan’s widow, publisher and executor Harriet McDougal, who also contributed to the front of Livingston’s book. Livingston is also featured in the audiobook, bringing the words he wrote to life as he explores Jordan’s vast lore of the series. wheel of time audiobook lovers will also be delighted to hear that the beloved narrators kate reading and Michael Kramer will return to tell parts of Origins of the wheel of time as well.


Livingston is not only the author of deep dives into fictional worlds, he is the secretary general of the American Commission of Military History and professor of medieval literature at the Citadel. His experience made him the ideal author to delve into real-world links and influences with the Kingdom of Jordan, as well as providing an in-depth glossary of allusions to King Arthur, Alexander the Great, Norse mythology , to Napoleon and even to the Apollo. Space program, which are surprisingly included in The wheel of time in a subtle and profound way.

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The past few months have brought a lot of news for Prime Videos’ wheel of time series, including a season 2 trailer at NYCC that revealed what fans can expect from the upcoming season, in addition to confirmation that the series will return for season 3. Pike is set to resume her role as Moiraine, alongside Josha Stradowski, Marcus Rutherford, Zoe Robins, Magdalene madand Daniel Henneywith Donald Finn taking over as Mat Cauthon in season 2. Con-exclusive clip revealed Ceara Coveney as Lady Elayne Trakand, who joins season 2 along with other newcomers Smart Ayoola, Natasha O’Keeffe, Gregg Chillingirianand Meera Syal.

pronunciation guide

Along with this exciting audiobook announcement, Collider can also share a series of videos revealing what fans can expect from Origins of the wheel of time. As mentioned, one of the book’s strengths is the comprehensive glossary that Livingston has compiled, but what about the difficult pronunciation of Jordan’s world and the countless other words uncovered by Michael Livingston’s examination of the influences of Jordan? Below is the pronunciation guide that audiobook producer Macmillan Audio Steve Wagner created for their narrators to use. You might be surprised to learn which words you mispronounced!

Foreword by Harriet McDougal

Harriet McDougal edited her husband’s books until his death in 2007, after which she became the copyright owner for The wheel of time and the hand that steered the series to its final chapter, with help from the then-newcomer author Brandon Sanderson whom she enlisted to complete her husband’s series. McDougal recounts the foreword she wrote for Livingston’s book below:

Letter to the readers of Michael Livingston

Carefully Composed Livingston Origins of the wheel of time with the sharp eye of an academic, and the narration of his letter to readers (and listeners) gives a deeper look at his relationship to Jordan’s epic fantasy. Listen to the letter, in his own words, below:

Interview with Rosamund Pike

As promised, Rosamund Pike has joined Macmillian Audio for an interview about her experience bringing Moiraine to life in Prime Videos’ The wheel of time series. Although she’s not narrating this book, you can enjoy her soft tones as she discusses her performance below:

The audiobook for Origins of the wheel of time releases November 8.


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