Parents and students talk about LGBTQ memories in Flagler County school libraries


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  • Screenshot of the cover of “All Boys Are Not Blue”

Parents and students in Flagler County spoke out about the controversy surrounding a book in the school’s upper-level libraries during a school board meeting on Wednesday.

Both sides were well represented, with people against the cast of George M. Johnson’s All Boys Aren’t Blue: A Memoir-Manifesto meeting of a student anti-censorship protest outside the meeting. The book caught the attention of residents after school board member Jill Woolbright called police to report the book’s presence in a college and two high school library.

“Even if these books were illegal, did their presence in the library reach the sheriff’s appeal level?” Fan of the book Sue Oleare asked, according to WESH. “Do the words in these texts amount to loaded guns pointed at our heads?” ”

Orange County School Libraries, Following in Brevard’s Footsteps, Remove ‘Gender Queer’ Graphic Novel From Shelves

Orange County School Libraries, Following in Brevard’s Footsteps, Remove ‘Gender Queer’ Graphic Novel From Shelves

By Matthieu Moyer


Oleare was opposed by people who felt Woolbright’s decision was appropriate.

“The book violates the law. It has no place there and those responsible for putting it here should at least be reprimanded and possibly arrested,” said Bob Pathright.

The author also called the meeting and continued his defense of the book for young adults. The memoirs deal with stories of sexual assault and other explicit content in the service of the story of the author who grew up black and homosexual.

“My book is not what hurts your child – it is you who will hurt your child by not allowing him one: learn that there are other people in this world who have a problem. different lived experience from them and, two: not allowing them to have the language or that particular resource to deal with the problems that will befall them in this world when they arise, ”Johnson said of the controversy at the start. .

The council said they were waiting for law enforcement to complete their investigation before making a decision on the book.

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