PetSafe Launches the Audible Anti-Bark Collar – a safe and effective way to deter nuisance barking | Canberra time

The Audible Anti-Bark Collar uses SoundBurst technology to deter nuisance barking. Photo provided

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Pet owners’ prayers have been answered, with the development of a new and improved method of bark control – the Audible Anti-Bark Collar.

The innovative training collar was recently unveiled in Australia by global pet solutions leaders, PetSafe, and aims to take the hassle out of pet training for both dogs and their owners.

This week it received the 2022 Pet Independent Innovation Award for Bark Control Product of the Year – an award that aims to recognize the world’s best pet companies and products.

Using SoundBurst technology, the Audible Anti-Bark Collar detects barking and deters it by omitting a distracting sound that mimics the spray of an aerosol can.

Understanding that every dog ​​is unique and different, PetSafe has developed the Audible Anti-Bark Collar to fit each dog, adjusting the length of the audible correction used, depending on how often the dog barks.

During the initial barks, the collar emits a short correction sound, but if the dog continues to bark, the collar will adjust accordingly, so the correction sounds become longer. It has ten different sound levels.

The Audible Anti-Bark Collar is an extremely welcome solution for dog owners everywhere, but especially for those who live in cities and suburbs where barking often becomes a source of neighborhood frustration.

Dog parents are often frustrated when nuisance barking occurs. The Audible Anti-Bark Collar helps by emitting a corrective sound to deter barking. Photo provided

Too often, pet owners are faced with difficult decisions about relocating animals due to noise complaints.

And when barking is a difficult behavior to address due to the nature of it that often occurs when the pet’s parents are on the go (separation anxiety), the Audible Bark Control Collar is an expected weight long on many shoulders.

Zarqa Ali, marketing manager for PetSafe, said it was important for the company to address this need and fill the void in the market.

“In today’s anti-bark collar landscape, there is no collar comparable to the audible anti-bark collar.

“It’s a unique training collar that uses sound technology to detect and discourage a dog’s excessive barking and empowers more pet parents to train their dog.

“It’s an alternative approach to what’s already available. This niche product provides another option for pet owners who want to try something new to alleviate nuisance barking,” Ms. Ali said.

The Audible Anti-Bark Collar is waterproof and rechargeable, up to 40 hours of continuous use. Photo provided

The Audible Anti-Bark Collar has a built-in dual detection feature to ensure a dog is never corrected unnecessarily, preventing the collar from being triggered by external noises, such as barking from other dogs. The dual detection feature requires vibration and noise to be picked up before releasing corrective sound.

The collar is waterproof and rechargeable for up to 40 hours of continuous use. It’s also a fraction of the price of hiring a behavioral professional, opening up the possibility of pet training to a wider community.

Dogs are a joyful part of life, but nuisance barking can put a damper on the pet ownership experience. PetSafe is continually developing ingenious products to create happier pets, so dog parents can spend more time enjoying their furry friends, rather than sweating the small stuff.

This is branded content for PetSafe


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