Pottermore Publishing unveils magical new covers for ‘Harry Potter’ eBooks and audiobooks



This summer, the Harry Potter the series will have a radical new look for those who enjoy stories on digital devices. Twenty-five years after JK Rowling Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first published in print in the UK, audiobooks and e[-b]the ooks keep going high [on] the best[-]vendor listings, with new generations discovering them every year. Today Pottermore Publishing, the worldwide digital publisher of Wizarding WorldTM, updated its cover with a dynamic new suite of cover designs for all seven Harry Potter e[-b]books and audiobooks.

Featuring both iconic and lesser-known scenes from these beloved stories in exciting detail for fans and new readers alike, the new cover invites the next generation of readers and listeners to get in on the action and… discover the Harry Potter books on their phones, tablets, e-readers and other devices.

The designs bring brightly colored scenes from the books, some never before depicted on the covers, such as the flying Ford Anglia crashing into the Whomping Willow, Hermione facing the Death Eaters and the depths of the Great Lake, as well as giving [sic] fresh insights into iconic moments such as Harry’s first Quidditch match, his first encounter with the Knight Bus, Dumbledore drinking Voldemort’s potion, and Voldemort facing Harry in the final battle of Hogwarts. By placing the much-loved characters center stage, the covers show in brilliant detail how Harry and his friends progress and grow each year at Hogwarts, as they encounter challenges and adventures together. Incorporated into the designs are a host of beautifully realized, often subtle, canonical characters and details to delight and intrigue readers and listeners alike, whether dead[-]die-hard fans or new to stories.

Expertly crafted by creative design experts Studio La Plage, the blankets were designed with today’s generation in mind. The aim was to give a fresh yet instantly recognizable treatment to stories – whether read on digital devices at home or on the go.

Mike Richards, Marketing Director of Pottermore Publishing, said:
‘We know that the Harry Potter the books continue to hold a place in the hearts of millions of people around the world and, even now, regularly hold places in audiobooks and e[-b]look better[-]vendor lists. It was so exciting to create new character-driven visuals that match the excitement of the next generation of readers and listeners and fire their imaginations.

Jack Bedford, Associate Creative Director at Studio La Plage, said:
“It was both a challenge and an honor to take on the legacy of the Harry Potter covers and create a new visual approach adapted to the digital age. More importantly, we wanted to retain the essence of what we know and love most about the wizarding world. We set out to create exciting artwork that had our digital readers and listeners at heart. The aesthetic needed to inspire a new audience while retaining its existing fanbase [sic] captivated. We achieved this by layering hidden details from the stories, bringing the rich and magical moments of Wizarding World [sic] live. Our new covers celebrate the moment before the action. They invite readers to experience moments of fantasy, emotion, bravery and friendship – ultimately asking the question, “What happens next?” We look forward to sharing them.

All seven cover designs will be adopted in all territories across digital Harry Potter e[-b]books and audiobooks from May 31, almost 25 years after the first book was published in June 1997. They will be just in time to join the 25th anniversary celebrations of the first book’s publication in the UK in June and in time to participate in an exciting campaign for new readers, “Starting Harry Potter”, which will launch on WizardingWorld.com in July.


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