PTI dissidents set to challenge polls on PML-N ticket



Pakistani AMP Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) of the Jahangir Khan Tareen group, Malik Nouman Ahmad Langrial, has expressed his willingness to challenge the partial polls after the election of Punjab’s chief minister on the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz ( PML-N) ticket.

Langrial told The Express Tribune that the hospitality provided by the PML-N was more than they expected, adding that they would be happy to contest their ticket if offered. He said they did not join the PML-N for any incitement. “We just want to save the country from the wrath of the PTI.”

He added that corruption during the PTI rule was at its highest level. “In addition to corruption, there was incompetence.”

The legislator declared that the PTI had no political future. A party which, after coming to power, abandoned those who had given their blood and sweat for it and relied on “parachutists”, was doomed, he added.

He said the PTI lacked vision and its leaders lacked the ability to trust. “We are ready to return to our constituents if the PTI overthrows us.”

Another ruling party MPA who defected, Muhammad Salman, in an interview with The Express Tribune, said there was a legal hurdle, and according to him, that would not allow the PTI to overthrow them.

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He said that if more than a certain number of parliamentarians decided to form a bloc, it would be an advanced bloc, and therefore would not qualify as a defection. Second, he added, in order for the PTI to overthrow them, it “will have to prove that we disobeyed the House leader’s instructions, which we don’t have at the moment.”

However, a senior attorney, Abdullah Malik, said that no such provision (advance block) exists after the implementation of the 18th Amendment.

He said that Usman Buzdar was no longer the parliamentary leader of the PTI in Punjab. However, he added, even if the PTI fired them, they would contest the elections on the PML-N ticket.

When asked if the PML-N had agreed to give all failing AMPs a ticket, Salman said there might be problems on two to three seats, but the majority of failing AMPs would receive the PML ticket. -NOT.

He said that currently the PML-N has the support of 14 PTI MPAs from Jahangir Khan Tareen Group, five PTI MPAs from Aleem Khan Group, three from Khokhar Group and eight other PTI MPAs who have assured their support for the PML-N.

Langrial and Salman are among more than two dozen defected MPAs who have pledged their support for PML-N candidate Hamza Shehbaz for the post of chief minister of Punjab. The support paves the way for Hamza, without whom they don’t have enough votes to cross the magic number of 186.

At present, the PML-N has 165 members, two of whom have defected from the party, bringing the number down to 163, while the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has a total of seven votes, five independent MPAs and Pakistan Rah -e-Haq party has one vote, bringing the total to 176, which requires at least 12 additional PTI votes.

If the PTI decides to remove all the dissident members, it will reduce its total membership to about 150. Even with the support of the PML-Q, they would lack the number necessary to pass a motion of no confidence in the assembly.

Further, Section 20(3) of the Punjab Assembly Rules and Procedures of 1997 states that even in the election of the leader of the house, if no candidate obtains a majority of the house, a ballot A ballot would take place in which a candidate who obtains the highest number of majority votes of the members present in the house would be elected CM, meaning that the support of the majority of the members present is sufficient for the Chief Ministry.

However, MPA Ghazanfar Abbas Chheena said his group backed the PTI candidate – PML-Q leader Pervaiz Elahi – for the Punjab CM spot, denying media reports that his group was considering backing the PML leader. -N Hamza during the elections.

Chheena said her group does not make decisions based on the party’s popularity graph. “Unlike others, Chheena Group will stand with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf until the last day of the outgoing provincial assembly.”

He also clarified that the name of his group was not Chheena Group, the name in fact “is Supremacy of Parliament Group”. “All of our 14 limbs are intact.”

He said he too would like to advise Prime Minister Imran to step down and sit on the opposition benches, adding that what magic could the PML-N do when it was in government with only a year remaining.

“Let them have their own way and let them bear the consequences of their own mistakes,” he added.


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