Ransomware affects Toronto Transit email, reservation and route information systems


The TTC did not offer an estimate of when the services concerned would be restored.

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The Toronto Transit Authority is reporting outages in some of its online services following a ransomware attack that targeted the agency earlier in the week.

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The Toronto Transit Commission, which operates the city’s bus, subway, streetcar and paratransit services, has faced the attack on its computer systems since Thursday.

While most services are operating as usual, spokeswoman Shabnum Durrani said customers currently cannot know when the next public transport vehicle is due to arrive.

She says the attack affected apps like Rocketman that provide real-time route information, as well as systems that display arrival details at city subway stations.

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Durrani says the online reservation system of Wheel-Trans, the authority’s paratransit service, is also down due to the attack, but notes that the TTC can still honor reservation requests made before the attack. attack and that customers can always organize new trips by phone.

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She says the attack also prevented TTC employees from using their internal messaging system.

Ransomware is a form of malicious software intended to damage or disable access to encrypted data. Those behind such attacks usually demand payment to release or regain access to compromised systems.

Durrani says the TTC is working with Toronto Police to investigate the incident, but a police spokesperson says he has no information about an ongoing investigation.

The TTC did not offer an estimate of when the services concerned would be restored.

The TTC provides transit service to up to 1.7 million people every weekday in Toronto and surrounding municipalities.


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