Santa Barbara Library implements app for 40,000 e-titles

Michele Kimpton

Patrons of the Santa Barbara Public Library now have access to an additional 40,000 electronic titles thanks to the implementation of the Palace Project.

The project is a non-profit library-centric platform and e-reading app for digital content and services, which announced its official launch on June 2. Informed by librarians and backed by a multi-million dollar, multi-year investment from the Knight Foundation, The Palace Project is an easy-to-use platform for managing and delivering eBooks, audiobooks, and other electronic content. and places libraries at the center of their communities’ digital experience.

“The platform and app take all of the content in the library and bundle it together to make it viewable and downloadable through a single app,” said Michele Kimpton, Senior Global Director of The Palace Project.

“Most apps don’t allow aggregated access through a single app. The Palace app takes all eBook and audiobook content and compiles it into one convenient location for customers,” she said. told News-Press.

The Santa Barbara Public Library is part of the Palace Project, which provides access to an additional 40,000 electronic titles.

The Palace Project’s open source system enables librarians to manage collections, hosting and circulation in a single application, while protecting patron privacy and strengthening libraries’ direct relationships with patrons. The Palace app, available for iOS and Android, allows libraries to serve all their electronic content – ​​from all major providers, including OverDrive, Baker and Taylor, Bibliotheca and Bibliolabs – to patrons in an easy-to-use interface.

“The app makes it easier for librarians in that you have a platform where all content from library sources is on one platform, regardless of which vendor provides the title” , Ms. Kimpton said. “The platform aggregates uses and flows through a single administrative portal. This platform and app, along with the California State Library’s vast collection of e-books and audiobooks, can be implemented by a public library at no additional cost, giving library patrons access to 40 000 additional titles.

LYRASIS is the home of the Palace Project. LYRASIS is a global non-profit organization whose mission is to support sustainable access to the world’s shared academic, scientific and cultural heritage through leadership in open technologies, content services, digital solutions and collaboration with archives, libraries, museums and knowledge communities around the world. LYRASIS organizational and staff values ​​are communication, respect, collaboration, impact and service. To learn more, visit

“California is thrilled to partner with LYRASIS and work together to make it easier for Californians to access all the e-books they want. E-books are becoming more popular, but they’re also expensive. ‘a statewide e-library with LYRASIS ensures that all Californians have access to the e-books they want and need,’ said Greg Lucas, the California State Librarian, in A press release.

Ms Kimpton said: “Like any app, customers can have favorites, it gives customers and users choice.

“We are a non-profit organization: we work closely with libraries,” she added.

“Our mission is equitable and increased access, capacity and choice for libraries and patrons,” said Ms. Kimpton. “We want to increase the number of customers who download the app and make the library available to the customer online. What’s unique to the Palace Project is that we work with publishers to develop lending models, and we also provide access to titles published by Amazon. Libraries can embed eBooks in which they have copyright, as well as public domain eBooks and public domain government documents.

Alberto Ibargüen, president of the Knight Foundation, explained the importance of the Palace project.

“The pandemic has accelerated the shift of libraries to digital services to meet people where they are with equitable access to information. The Palace project is a transformative opportunity to put librarians back at the center of connecting people to information. Digital access to knowledge is more important than ever to creating informed and engaged communities. »

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