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We’re roughly exactly one month away from Destiny 2 30th anniversary event, who will arrive halfway through this extremely long season to cool off a bit. But probably nothing that has anything to do with the current Season of the Lost storyline, which is sold separately and on hiatus.

I tried to find a full list of everything in the paid and free items of the 30th Anniversary Pack, which costs $ 25 on its own or is part of the Witch Queen / Season $ 100 Pack “all in the box. year 5 “. I think people have seen a lot of promotional tips for this, but knowing exactly what you’re getting and when is a bit confusing.

For starters, we’ve heard that nothing about this event will be timed. It’s not about handing out small weekly reset chunks, live-service style, so this will all be available on day one.

Most of the ads only show the paid items, and there seems to be something mysterious about the free items right now.

Free Items: The most consistent list I have found is this page, which talks about aspects of the “free” celebration which includes:

  • A new six-player matchmaking activity
  • “Iconic Weapons to Collect,” but none of the ones I’m about to list in the paid pack. These, it seems we may not know them yet, and of course the six-party activity is to reward Something. I don’t know if “iconic” means weapons from Destiny 1 or not.
  • “Mysteries to be unraveled,” which implies that there will be some sort of story element here, although, again, nothing is Season of the Lost, I guess, given that it’s is chargeable and that it is free. Could this be a community puzzle? It had been a long time since there had been one.
  • “Awards that together commemorate our long and rich history. This is always listed in the “free event” paragraph, so players who don’t pay can still get Bungie commemorative items.

The paid pack: This is where the list starts to get long, as there are a lot of things stuck in that $ 25 pack to try to justify that price. We have:

  • A treasure / pirate themed dungeon which you enter through the loot cave.
  • The dungeon rewards Gjallarhorn and the Thorny Thorn armor set. I’m guessing Gjallarhorn probably has a catalyst in the dungeon as well.
  • The listing says this is a “collection” of favorite Destiny 1 weapons, including Eyasluna and 1000 Yard Stare, so there’s probably more to it than those two. I’m not sure if these are earned in dungeon encounters, but it would make the most sense for hunting casts.
  • Two separate sets of adornments, the Marathon inspired armor and the Bungie-streetwear / DMG beanie armor we’ve seen before. Instantly unlocks with the pack, it seems.
  • Myth’s Claymore sword and Marathon’s shotgun. Again, I suspect it may be Dungeon Drops.
  • A unique helmet ornament that I don’t believe we’ve seen in any promotional material yet.
  • Several exotic sparrows, an exotic ship, emblems, shaders, emotes “and more!” “

So even after all of this I’m still a to touch confused about some of the missing free celebration items, namely what rewards we will get for performing this six man activity. Other than that, we saw almost all of the paid items previewed with the exception of the helmet ornament and a few minor items like a sparrow, a ship, and the shaders, emblems, and emotes.

I mean, for me the paid pack is worth $ 25, although I guess I understand why people are annoyed by it. I think it would be helpful to know a bit more about the free elements of this, but it hasn’t happened yet, and we’ll have to wait for an upcoming TWAB or preview post for it.

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