Spirits Unleashed – 10 unpopular opinions, according to Reddit


Ghostbusters: Spirits Freedis creative Dead in broad daylight– Inspired gameplay has long-time fans filled with nostalgia and fun playing as Ghostbuster or antagonistic ghost such as the legendary Slimer. However, the game also garnered quite a few complaints. With dodgy gameplay that borders on unfinished multiplayer and buggy gear that can ruin a match for players, it’s not hard to see why.

Gameplay difficulties and unfair matchmaking for new players have been headaches for the gaming community. Complaints about buggy game mechanics and lack of fun and player-friendly customization are just some of the reddit’s most unpopular opinions on Freed Spirits.


Halloween masks shouldn’t be temporary

Clown mask from Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed

Almost all modern live-action video games include elements for the spooky holiday that is Halloween for gamers. Celebrating Freed Spirits added different types of scary masks that characters can don when defeating ghosts.

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Undoubted fan favorites are the Pumpkin and Creepy Clown Masks, which will sadly be retired from the game this month. Defiant-Marsupial419 is saddened by the news, preaching, “They are temporary, but imo they shouldn’t be. It’s not like the game can’t use the extra content, and you can create “sillier” stuff with the character creator, so “realism” isn’t an issue.

Visibly inconsistent level progression

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Upgrade

An issue that fans have started reporting over time, level progression seems to get stuck quite often in Freed Spiritsconfusing players and making them wonder if their level actually increases with each game.

User FreedomPlzz rightly complains about this while providing relief, saying, “The way the ghost experience is displayed while you earn it is broke. You don’t actually lose progress, you just correct your experience to the indicated level. They went on to say, “I would drop from level 45 to 53 only to have it show me at 48 after a relog.”

The game would be more fun in VR

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Particle Thrower used on a ghost

Although there is a VR game like Ghostbusters: Spirits Freed expected to launch in 2023 titled, Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lordsome gamers wonder how much more awesome Freed Spirits would look like if he received the same treatment.

Redditor ghostbuster_b-rye claims that they “would love a crossplay VR title, much more than an official VR Ghostbusters game with the actual/original gear.” User Gburke59 strongly disagreed, swearing, “You would vomit. There are a lot of rules to follow in making VR games, and this game would have to change a ton to make it work. While both are right, one has to wonder if a VR version could live up to expectations after the game’s already buggy experience.

RTV is too buggy

RTV Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed

Speaking of bugs, the game’s Remote Trap Vehicle has been responsible for game interruptions for some players, freezing their screens and causing visual distortions when placed at certain angles.

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User craven42 had a lot to say about the ongoing issues with the remote control gear: “My first game using it resulted in a bug where after switching to the RTV camera I lost my ability to input commands. He added that “I got jostled out of it when I was slimmed down and released on recovery, but then my character got stuck in tether mode.” Many of these issues have managed to resolve themselves once times specific actions have been performed, such as approaching a civilian.

There are not enough customization options

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Gear Customization

The franchise’s most diehard fans who’ve played Freed Spirits I feel there is room for more customization in the game, especially on the Ghostbusters belt itself, where there could be more radio gear or other tools.

YOUTUBEFREEKYOYO idealistic gamer wishes there was more to the game, “Another thing to add would be gear like Ghostbusters 2 belt stuff, Lifegard II alarm, key rings and the ability to clip your gloves to the belt would be nice…” Considering there aren’t even type and style options belt color, these awesome innovations probably won’t be added to the title anytime soon.

Texture stretching removes slack

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Texture Stretch

For a game as visually detailed as Freed Spirits pushed himself to be, adding Ray’s collection of occult books and his “judgment day” movie quote, it’s a waste that much of the text is hard to read or essentially unreadable.

Luckily moving away from becoming something like the hollowed out 2016 ghost hunters game, which is considered one of the worst movie-related video games to date, Freed Spirits would have impressed fans even more with a little polish. Redditor mikeol1987 swears, “The stretched texture is driving me crazy, as are the wobbly tiles on every column of the fire station wall.”

Playing as a ghost isn’t as fun

A glowing green ghost from Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed floats past an empty museum.

Whereas Freed Spirits isn’t a particularly scary survival horror game, playing as Ghost can get quite intense. Ironically, players who prefer the role often tend to feel weak and helpless, unable to do much damage before all the flaws are found.

User craven42 admits the problem: “It causes rage stops or getting called a hacker…I guess the devs have something planned to make matches more even, but that’s currently my biggest complaint in the game.” Unfortunately, the rift spawn range is easily remembered, giving Ghosts a disadvantage and the need for additional strategy. Blocking doors, changing floors, and memorizing portals are the main ways to combat this massive injustice.

Unfair matchmaking for new players

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Gameplay

Any new player knows how frustrating it can be trying to learn how to play against incredibly higher level enemies, matchmaking keeping them from coming back after an evening of screen rage.

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On top of that, some players even experience bot interference. Low-level players aren’t impressed, Cristari points out: “The fact that there’s no matchmaking to speak of or balanced gameplay is pretty poor. Is the game really that low in player count? I see a lot of games with bots.

Gameplay is unreliable

Winky Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed

Freed Spirits is definitely not the best couch co-op game, with its gameplay being wildly unpredictable at times. Players have complained about everything from games with no ghosts or two ghosts, and ghosts cutting through the ground in specific areas.

MrSelfDestruct88 explains that they were only able to play Ghost twice an hour. He also got stuck on the ground for an entire game after using the tether zipline. I would say half of the games had lots of rubber bands and stuttering. There have also been reports of some Ghost players binding a button to a macro to remain nearly impossible to trap.

Stun is overpowered

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed PKE Meter Shooting Electricity

Arguably the most controversial opinion from all of r/SpiritsUnleashed is that stuns are broken and unfair to Ghost players everywhere. In response, brainstorming ideas like diminishing returns in order to counter chain stuns and increasing the PKE meter’s downtime have players grappling, hoping for changes to be made.

FreedomPlzz argues that “what has to happen is that stun resistance builds up on subsequent stuns, because getting stunned by 4 people is just plain anti-fun and using a stun should have a significant risk factor if it does not work.” Others think the stun radius should be reduced instead, giving Ghost a greater opportunity to retaliate.

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