Tempest Runner will be released in hardcover – Exclusive


Cavan Scott is exciting Star Wars: The High Republic The original audiobook will be published as a script.

Fans will soon be able to revisit the story of villainous Lourna Dee – in a whole new way.

StarWars.com is delighted to reveal that Star Wars: The High Republic: Tempest Runner, an original audiobook released earlier this year, will be released in scripted book form on March 1, 2022. In Storm runner, a group of Jedi continue their search for Lourna Dee, one of marauding Nihil’s deadliest leaders. Hardcover version will include Scott’s stage directions, written sound effects and notes to the audio team; you can get a first look at the coverage below.

Star Wars: The High Republic: Tempest Runner Hardcover

“I’m really excited that Storm runner follows the steps of Dooku: Lost Jedi and Doctor Aphra to get a physical script book edition, ”Scott told StarWars.com. “Not only is it useful for the kind of people who need to know exactly how the names of the characters are spelled (and yes, and I am absoutely one of these people), it is also very important for the hearing impaired. Now anyone can share Lourna Dee’s story, all while getting a little behind-the-curtain glimpse of how we bring these audio adventures to life.

Get ready to roll with Lourna Dee and the Nihil once again.

Star Wars: The High Republic: Tempest Runner hardcover edition arrives on March 1, 2022, and is available for pre-order now; the original audiobook is available now.

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