Terry Pratchett’s disc-world gets new star-studded audiobooks


A wizard in a red robe rides a flying treasure chest with tiny feet as he is pursued by death.

Josh Kirby’s 1986 cover art The Fantastic Light.
Picture: Random penguin house

Live adaptations of Sir Terry Pratchett’s beloved Disc world books have always been a mixed bag, but we may finally have found a winner. Penguin Random House announced that it has ordered new audiobook recordings of all 40 Disc world novels, using a variety of British stars to bring them to life.

What’s cool is that each of Disc worldThe “sub-series” of books, that is, the novels starring Rincewind, Witches, Wizards, City Guards, Death or other characters, will have its own separate narrator. So, for example, Gsoul of thrones‘Indira Varma (who played Ellaria Sand) will record Equal rites, Witches abroad, Lords and Ladies, Maskerade, and Carp Jugulum, all featuring the Lancre Witch Clan. Other narrators announced include Chip bagis Sian Clifford, Merlinby Colin Morgan, and lords of the rings‘Andy Serkis, who will take care of the books of death, the wizard’s books and the standtitle only Little gods, respectively.

However, they will not be alone. Peter Serafinowicz, who voiced Darth Maul in The phantom menace and was the star of the recent Amazon Check series, was chosen as the iconic version of Pratchett’s death for the entire project. Plus, Bill Nighy will read all of the many, many Pratchett footnotes he has scattered throughout the Disc world books. The actor said, “I am honored to express the footnotes and bring one of the funniest, most original and beloved aspects of Terry Pratchett’s world to life. footnotes to the pages of all its Disc world novels. It’s his personal commentary on the action, little bits of information or funny asides. They sound a lot like the voice of the great man himself commenting on the action. I enjoyed it immensely.

In total, the project’s “ambitious narrators will read nearly four million words, with nearly 150 days in the studio and resulting in over 400 hours of finished audio.” But obviously there are still a lot of things we don’t know, like which will narrate the Rincewind, City Watch, Tiffany Aching and Moist Van Ludwig series, or whether other major characters like Death will have their own unique voices. Stay tuned and share your dream Disc world audio casting in the comments!

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