Tesla shipments hit record high in December 2021 despite Model 3 and Model Y price hikes


Thursday, July 14, 2022

Tesla delivered a record more than 70,500 vehicles to China. This easily surpassed the previous record of around 52,100 vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2021. According to the China Passenger Vehicle Association, more than 70,700 vehicles were produced in December, of which 245 were for export. Tesla produces the Model 3 sedan and the Model Y SUV in China at its Gigafactory 3 near Shanghai. Vehicles and components must receive a CCC certificate so that the products are exported to China or produced locally.

According to Phate Zhang, founder of the technology portal CnEVpost, Tesla wants to reduce the number of orders and has therefore increased the list prices of new cars. Tesla’s Shanghai factory is suffering from a shortage of chips as the number of vehicles ordered increases, Zhang added. Tesla could therefore be delayed and not deliver the vehicles on time. In a statement released by Tesla, the company provided more key data on Gigafactory 3, which began operations in 2019 and produced a total of 484,130 vehicles last year. This represents 51.7% of Tesla’s total worldwide production of 936,000 units.

A senior Tesla sales manager told the South China Morning Post that the Shanghai plant has already reached its maximum capacity of 450,000 vehicles per year. The price of the base Model Y SUV rose about 9% to 301,800 yuan ($47,400). For the Model 3 sedan, the price rose 6% to 265,600 yuan ($40,300).

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