Thank Mom for Everything This Mother’s Day With 77% Off This Smartwatch


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As we all know, the passage of time is super weird. Over time, people get older, seasons change, and you’re still sitting around waiting for things to fully reopen so you can take mom to that fancy dinner you promised her (even if humans do their best to let Darwin take relay).

A few things can reduce the amount of time that passes: a time machine, a good hug from mom, and a sick watch to help you do more than watch the minutes tick by. This C-MAX Chrono-Max connected watch is a perfect Mother’s Day gift to thank mom for all those hugs that make the bad times pass a little faster.

Super powerful yet unassuming, this little slice of IP67 waterproof convenience is a lifesaver for just about anything. Paired with both Apple and Android devices via the Da Fit app, this watch might be the closest thing you can get to ultimate tech nirvana. Beyond the usual time, this watch is also ideal for incoming calls, message notifications, controlling your camera, weather forecast, social media connections, sleep monitoring, alarms and more. Moreover.

So how easy is this watch to navigate? At the edge of convenience, this baby features a 1.69-inch color touchscreen for easy viewing and is controlled by quick swipes. This means your music, audiobook playback, favorite tracks and all other functions are controlled at your fingertips. The icing on the cake is the super sleek silicone band that looks sharp on just about any wrist (even dear old mom).

Regularly $219, you can pick up the C-MAX Chrono-Max smartwatch for $49.99, the lowest price ever!

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