The Binding of Isaac Creator Shares New Info About Upcoming Game


The Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen is currently working on a new game called Mewgenics, and this week those who had been looking forward to the game learned a bit more through an at times game-centric Q&A. It still doesn’t have a release date for those wondering if it was a question answered, but we saw a bit more gameplay as well as comparisons to The Binding of Isaac to better frame the game for those who have played both.

For those, like a Twitter user, who might not be familiar with this game and wondered what McMillen was working on, one of his first replies after announcing a brief Q&A confirmed to his followers that the work was still in progress on Mewgenics and that the game will be a roguelike. It may not be new to some, but the accompanying gameplay was a treat, however, to show a brief glimpse of the game in action. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen gameplay snippets as Comrade Mewgenics developer Tyler Glaiel shared images the same way in the past, but any new gameplay is good news for Binding of Isaac Fans.

In the rest of the replies shared on Twitter, McMillen answered a few more questions about the game. more skill-based that Binding of Isaac, for example, but luck will always remain a key part of the game. For those who still remember their favorite weapon and ability combos in Binding of Isaacyou will be interested to hear that Mewgenics also has a stricter combined design compared to the old one. In what is perhaps one of the best confirmations for gamers who have enjoyed the longevity of Binding of IsaacMcMillen confirmed that Mewgenics means in the same way “to be replayed foreverand that it unfolds more as players progress with even more ramifications than McMillen’s previous game.

McMillen announced years ago that Mewgenics was back in development after initially being shelved. It doesn’t have a release date, but Glaiel said late last year that the game “maybe in a few more years.


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