The Bookseller – News – Harry Potter star Katie Leung to read Orion audiobook of Li’s film industry thriller


Actress Katie Leung to Read Audio Version of Winnie M Li’s Upcoming Thriller Partner in crimeto be released alongside the hardback on June 23, 2022.

The #MeToo-inspired novel was pre-empted by Orion Fiction’s publishing director Francesca Pathak in a 48-hour six-figure film acquisition by Robert Caskie.

The synopsis of the novel, which tells the story of New York University film professor Sarah Lai, reads: “When she is approached by a high-profile journalist who wants to interview her about a filmmaker she worked with when she was in her twenties, she knows it’s time to tell her story. But as she looks back on her time as a budding young producer, she’s forced to confront what ‘she did and didn’t, what she could and couldn’t control, and ultimately how complicit she was in what was going on around her.

Leung said she was “so honored” to voice the audiobook of Partner in crimepraising the novel for providing “an important insight into the power structures of an industry that has gone unchallenged for too long”.

Li said it was a dream come true for Leung to voice the book, adding, “Although she is known around the world as Harry Potter’s first crush, I have long admired Katie’s work on stage and in the screen, in a range of performances that resonate with empathy, humor and undeniable talent.

“East Asian women are so rarely seen in leading roles, that I’m thrilled that Katie is bringing the many characters of Partner in crime — and in particular, protagonist Sarah Lai, a young woman navigating the daunting and morally complex world of the film industry.


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