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I received my very first Kindle over ten years ago as a Christmas present. My then-boyfriend rightly took me for a nerd and introduced me to the convenience of e-book readers. If we learned anything from Beauty and the Beast, it’s that you can probably count on a library to make a girl swoon.

Now, twelve years later, I’ve clung to the gift giver, but I’ve swapped the e-readers multiple times. My latest update is the base 2022 model from Amazon. After a few weeks of using the device, it’s clear that the 2022 Kindle is closing the gap to Amazon’s more expensive offerings.

About this item: I tested the Amazon Kindle 2022 for about two weeks. The unit was provided by Amazon, but Amazon had no say in the direction or content released.

Fabulously fun sized (if reading is your idea of ​​fun)

A user takes an Amazon Kindle 2022 out of his sweatshirt pocket.

Kaitlyn Cimino/Android Authority

For me, the glory of a Kindle is its portability. For my partner who I constantly ask to hold my things, size matters. The Kindle 2022 measures just 6.2 inches and slips easily into bags, pockets and bedside drawers. Although Amazon hasn’t opted to increase the screen size in this model, the trade-off is that it’s still delightfully compact. At just 158 ​​grams, it’s probably lighter than your smartphone. You can hold it in one hand and keep the other free for cups of tea. It also means devouring page-turners without your wrist burning.

The small build of the Amazon Kindle (2022) is perfect for travel and light enough to hold in one hand for extended readings.

Despite its small size, the Kindle 2022 offers the ability to carry hundreds of books and audiobooks at all times. In fact, the device offers 16GB of storage, which is double that of the base model. Kindle Paperwhite (2021). This is handy not only for everyday use, but also for extended travel, which is important for someone living a cool six-hour flight away from any other major landmass.

A 2022 Amazon Kindle rests on a marble surface displaying an audiobook.

Kaitlyn Cimino/Android Authority

Storing a Kindle in my carry-on is more important than comfortable clothes or in-flight snacks (although those are number two and three priorities). Not only do I love the immediate anti-social vibe created by an e-reader, but I also appreciate that no one can spy on the back of my paperback to determine which book grabs my attention. The Kindle 2022 checks both boxes, entertaining me for hours before slipping into my sweatshirt pocket when I doze off.

The Amazon Kindle (2022) now offers 16GB of storage space, which leaves plenty of room for audiobooks.

For travel in particular, the ability to pivot to an audiobook is crucial for drowning out other passengers. The Kindle 2022’s extra storage space is arguably more important for listening than reading. An audiobook requires around 280MB to 350MB of space, while an eBook uses a measly 4MB. Around 1.2GB is used by the Kindle software, but around 6GB would be enough for even the most avid reader. Once you get audiobooks into your rotation, those gigabytes fill up much faster. Large audio files make the jump from 8 GB to 16 GB more substantial. In addition to the staples already downloaded, I can add enough books and audiobooks to last an entire trip, and never think about storage space (in my bag or on my Kindle).

Moreover, the possibility of send PDFs and other documents on the device also highlight the value of the extra space. Using the unique email provided by Amazon, I sent everything from travel itineraries to a draft bridesmaid speech to my Kindle. Reading personal documents on the eReader avoids screens with more distracting elements (looking at you, iPhone).

Long-lasting and fast charging

Amazon Kindle Reading Light

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Storage space certainly isn’t the only Kindle 2022 feature that will benefit a jet-set bibliophile. Updating the eReader to a USB-C charger helps it charge much faster than previous models. The Kindle 2022 can charge from zero to 100 in about four hours from a computer via a USB cable. You can cut that time in half by charging with 9W USB-C wall charger. It’ll also likely share a charger with other electronics you already own, so you can worry less about packing the wrong cords. With a long enough layover, you can pack up a dead device and still arrive at your destination ready to take on a new round.

The Kindle (2022) charges faster than previous models with a new USB-C charger.

According to Amazon, reading for 30 minutes a day will drain the battery in about six weeks. The moment you charge your Kindle a second time, you should also replace your toothbrush head. Even if you regularly start books at midnight and accidentally read until dawn, you’ll probably finish your book before the battery runs out. That said, streaming audio drains the battery faster. You may not want to fall asleep regularly while your device is running too often.

Welcome to the dark side

A user sets their device to airplane mode and dark mode through the Quick Action menu.

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On that note, anyone who likes to relax with a good read will also be pleased to hear that dark mode has made its way to the Kindle 2022. By reversing white text on a black background, users can more easily enjoy the books in bed without disturbing others. As we covered at Android Authority, research shows that dark mode isn’t always the best idea, but personal experience has shown that it can be best for weddings. Instead of a bright screen to keep up with your partner, Dark Mode lets you read guilt-free. Also, if you already use dark mode on your other devices, the consistency option is a nice addition.

Where the Amazon Kindle (2022) really, quite literally, shines is its updated screen and front light. Amazon eventually ditched the 167ppi e-ink screen in favor of the 300ppi screen found on its higher-end models. Improved on-screen text is extremely crisp and readable, even if you opt for a small font size to display more words at once. Its four LED lights offer adjustable illumination (but still no adjustable heat). You can comfortably use the device in low light conditions or in direct sunlight. The reading experience is very close to the clarity of a hard copy.

The 2022 Kindle now has the same 300ppi screen as its more expensive siblings for crisper text, including in its new Dark Mode.

On the responsive side, there is still a slight delay when turning the pages or choosing a book. However, it’s definitely faster than older models and not really bothersome. Plus, with the refresh Amazon brought to the Kindle ecosystem earlier in 2022, browsing is also easier and more efficient. The ability to stack series of books in your library is by far my favorite improvement to the user experience.

Amazon Kindle (2022) review: Providing the basics

An Amazon Kindle pulls out of a woman's purse.

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In terms of materials and durability, this is still a basic Kindle. There are no physical buttons to turn the pages. It’s not waterproof like its more expensive siblings, so reading by the pool with cannonballing kids is always a risk. You also won’t find auto-brightness or adjustable display heat.

That said, this is the best base model Kindle to date. In reality, updating the display would have been enough to raise the line, but luckily Amazon didn’t stop there. The company has also given its base model more storage and faster charging for an updated, reliable and incredibly convenient device. You can now get an ad-free version of the 2022 Kindle for just $99.99. Each device also comes with four free months of Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon Kindle (2022)

Amazon Kindle (2022)

Recycled Materials • Updated Features • Fast Charging

Amazon raises the price of the Kindle slightly but brings a ton of Paperwhite features

The Amazon Kindle (2022) is the 11th generation Kindle tablet. It borrows many features from the Paperwhite, provides 16GB of storage, fast USB-C charging, and it’s made mostly from recycled materials.


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