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SANTA CLARITA, California, December 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Eric edson, screenwriter, teacher and author of THE SOLUTION OF STORY: 23 Actions All Great Heroes Must Perform, has just published an audiobook version of his inspiring book on screenwriting. The full audiobook is now available at (an Amazon company), as told by the author. The audio version takes listeners through a step-by-step journey to bring depth and passion to any script or novel.

Based on Edson’s revolutionary new screenwriting structure paradigm, writers and filmmakers learn the powerful and interconnected elements of storytelling they need for successful screenwriting. With genuine insight, this accomplished screenwriter and college professor identifies the story structure that most new spec scripts don’t sell for.

Edson’s book offers dozens of examples of popular blockbusters to reveal his groundbreaking plan to create dynamic three-dimensional heroes and gripping, emotional storylines that lead to blockbuster films.

The Story Solution has garnered many followers on social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Edson offers a constant stream of educational content for writers. He is delighted to present on this new audio platform all the tools to build the confidence and skills of those who wish to join the community of screenwriters.

Write a scenario is hard work, but I like to share what I’ve learned, “Edson commented.” This audio format allows me to provide more information on what it’s really like to be a working screenwriter in Hollywood, talk about some common mistakes new writers make, and provide tools to help writers create better scripts. “

The story’s solution has acquired a solid international reputation. Considered one of the best books on screenwriting, Edson presents chapters on story structure, creating dynamic characters, improving rewriting skills, dos and don’ts for powerful dialogue, how to find and solve hidden problems in the world. story before they can cast your script, and how to give your hero or heroine deep emotions that movie stars will be dying to play.

Those who have read the book say so “Makes scriptwriting so interesting and organized!” and “This is the most practical and immediately useful book I have ever found on the subject of screenwriting.The author hopes that the release of an audio version will also enable the next generation of media consumers to benefit from it.

As a teacher, Eric edson is a renowned expert in communicating the arts and crafts of write a film script. He has written seventeen feature film scripts on assignment for companies such as Sony /Colombia, Warner Brothers, Disney, 20e Fox, Lifetime, Showtime and TNT. He also wrote for episodic television. Eric is a professor of screenwriting and director emeritus of the master’s program in screenwriting at California State University, Northridge., and lectures as part of the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, the world’s largest screenwriting training center.

About story solution: that of Eric Edson The story’s solution provides concrete information to those interested in write scripts. Visit the website at to download a free book chapter and watch masterclass clips on storyline structure and character creation. “As the Facebook page to receive screenwriting tips and get more information on screenwriting.

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