This might be the easiest way to make homemade spaghetti noodles


Taste of Home has listed a dozen ways to reuse kitchen gadgets like the French press or the tube pan, including using a meat grinder to make spaghetti. Meat grinders have been around for centuries, used in commercial and home kitchens to chop and mince meats. These can be standalone gadgets or stand mixer attachments. However, if you have already used it for raw meat, clean the machine thoroughly and remove the cutting blade before making spaghetti.

Although you don’t need to modify your favorite pasta recipe to use the meat grinder, Grindily has some tips for success. Start with a recipe that creates a binding, crumbly structure using egg and semolina flour. Bosch’s YouTube video shows that you barely knead the ingredients before forming the dough into a log. After 30 minutes of rest, the dough is ready to be cut. Spaghetti can be cut to any length; however, keep them even to ensure they cook simultaneously for about 3 minutes. Cut pasta can be nested on floured trays as the recipe progresses. If the noodles break or seem uneven, you may need to adjust the speed of the machine.

Since most meat grinders come with discs of different sizes, cooks have options for noodle thickness. Try using the meat grinder on Mario Batali’s Bigoli Scuri (a whole-wheat spaghetti from Sicily) or Chinese dan dan noodles. The process is so simple and quick that you can use the meat grinder more often to make pasta than to make sausages.


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