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DURHAM – Leading up to what will be a historic season of Duke men’s basketball, the athletics department at Duke University has established a ticket waiting list program for men’s basketball home games at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Duke men’s basketball tickets are among the toughest tickets in the sport, with aftermarket prices often skyrocketing for games at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Due to the increased demand expected this season and the widespread prevalence of counterfeit tickets in secondary markets, fans interested in attending are encouraged to register for the Duke MBB waiting list.

Those on the waiting list may be given the option to purchase tickets, when and if tickets become available. The Duke MBB waitlist is prioritized first by Iron Dukes status and then on a first come, first served basis for the public.

Iron Dukes members have the first opportunity to purchase the available tickets. To become a member of Iron Dukes for as little as $ 100 per year, visit www.GoDuke.Com/IronDukes or call (919) 613-7575. All non-Iron Dukes members will be given priority on a first come, first served basis based on the date of registration.

For more information or register on the waiting list.

Duke MBB Waitlist FAQ
What is the Duke MBB waiting list?
The Duke MBB Waitlist is a program that allows Duke fans to register for the opportunity to purchase tickets to Duke Men’s Basketball games, when available. This program is the ONLY official source for Duke Men’s Basketball tickets and ensures that fans receive authenticated tickets. Those who choose to purchase tickets through a third party will be refused if the ticket is found to be counterfeit or invalid.

Where are the tickets?
Requests will be met either with standing tickets only (SRO) or with seats returned by season ticket holders. The locations will be determined based on availability. The price will vary depending on the location of the seats and the game.

When are tickets available?
Tickets are available at various times during the season. Members of the waiting list will be contacted one month in advance until the day of the game for which they register.

How are potential ticket buyers selected?
Iron Dukes priority will be used first, followed on a first come, first served basis for those on the waiting list who are not members of Iron Dukes. Once Iron Dukes ‘requests are met in Iron Dukes’ order of priority, the general public’s requests will be met. To become a member of Iron Dukes for as little as $ 100 per year, visit www.GoDuke.com/IronDukes or call 919-613-7575.

How to register to be added to the waiting list?
Subscribe to waiting list here.

Does this guarantee me tickets?
All fans will be notified if their request can be met. Fans will not be contacted if their request cannot be met. Offers will be made, in some cases, until the day of the match.

Can I join the waiting list for more than one game?



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