TVLine Artist of the Year 2021: nominees, finalists


We tried to put this off until later, but unfortunately we reached one of the most painful parts of our 2021 Review: choosing a Performer from the Year… Sort of.

Throughout the year, Team TVLine has rewarded the most captivating work on the small screen via our Performer of the Week section, honoring the actors of broadcast, cable and streaming series because they made us cry with sadness or to laugh. (Sometimes both!) But now we’re tasked with nominating a Performer of the Year after another 12 terrific months of TV.

To start with, we’ve narrowed down the extremely crowded field to 20 finalists, named alphabetically in the list below, which also acts as a “vote”. (To note: As usual, all of the suitors made up of multiple co-stars – in this case, The two others‘s Helene Yorke and Drew Tarver – are competing and will be considered a finalist.)

On Friday December 17th, we will crown one of the nominees (and only one!) Our 2021 Performer of the Year, dethroning the 2020 winner, I can destroy youis Michaela Coel. And although our esteemed panel of judges is not necessarily swung through the Comments section, we can’t wait to see if our 20 finalists match your favorite performances of the year.

Scroll down below to see who is up for this year’s shows, then drop a comment with your thoughts on who could be named 2021’s Performer of the Year.

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