Van Gogh art exhibition postponed, some ticket holders want refunds

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) — Tickets sold recently promised fans admission to a popular Van Gogh art exhibit in Raleigh. The only problem: the art show is not in Raleigh.

The exhibition is called “Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience” and tickets have been selling for the event since December.

“I kept thinking it didn’t feel right. I’m just extremely disappointed,” said Corneille Little, an art teacher and Van Gogh enthusiast who bought two tickets when the show was announced to premiere. times.

Over time, Little says she hasn’t received any updates on the location of the art show in Raleigh. The only communication from the show organizers was an email that the show was delayed.

“It had been rescheduled for a later date, but there was no later date. It was just extremely disappointing, the way they handled it,” Little said.

Little isn’t alone, we’ve heard from other ABC11 viewers in the same situation. A ticket holder drove two hours to Raleigh on April 1 with tickets in hand ready to see the show, not knowing it was being postponed.

Those who bought tickets months ago for the April 1-3 and April 8-10 shows wanted a refund rather than a voucher for a later show. Little contacted the organizer (Fever) saying, “I want a refund, and he said, well, we don’t refund, but he would apply.”

Tow truck Diane Wilson contacted Fever who eventually revealed the location for ‘Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience’ which the box office website says will be at 6240 Glenwood Avenue. This address is an empty storefront near the Pleasant Valley Promenade mall in Raleigh, near Glenwood Avenue.

“Unfortunately, we have had to postpone our opening due to unforeseen delays in production. All ticket holders affected by this have been contacted by email and given instructions on how to use the vouchers via the app. Our customer support team is (sic) also available 24/7 to help customers with any questions about this process. If no other date can be found, refunds can also be discussed with that team,” a representative for Fever said.

Little and other ABC11 viewers who didn’t want a voucher for a future show say they were promised refunds.

“Apparently there’s a refund on the way, and I’m still going to go now that I know there’s actually a verifiable place. I don’t want to miss it, it’s going to be amazing,” said Little.

According to the fever websitethe show opens April 14 and runs through July.

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