Verity – Deserving the hype?


Mysteries and thrillers have never particularly interested me. It feels like every plot twist is the same. “The husband did.” “He was the main character.” “She died all the time. At some point they start to feel repetitive. *Enter Colleen Hoover*

Colleen Hoover is a New York Times bestselling author with her top titles including It ends with us, November 9, and Truth. Most of her published backlist consists of romance. In the 10 years since the publication of her first novel, Hoover’s success has come from her ability to craft a beautiful love story, then crush your heart and soul at the end. It really is an art. None of this is to say that Hoover has NEVER done any dark, twisty stuff. She did, but it wasn’t a great success. *Enter Truth*

Truth essentially introduced a new sub-genre of mystery as romance mystery. While the main plot was of the “thriller” variety, the romance is a relevant part of the plot. The novel is about a young aspiring writer named Lowen. She’s thrilled when she finally gets her big break with the opportunity to ghost-write for one of the most famous crime drama writers, Verity. The story revolves around Lowen trying to write a sequel to one of the most successful books of all time, Verity’s mysterious circumstances surrounding her worse health, and Verity’s husband’s close relationship with Lowen.

Sounds like a lot, right? So how was it?

I had the opportunity to listen to this novel in audiobook form and positively loved the experience. The characters were well developed and interesting, the plot was different and unpredictable, and the ending is absolutely annoying. This book is more than shocking. It leaves you questioning reality, questioning the reliability of our two main narrators, and wanting to talk with Colleen Hoover about who she thinks she is! The story is gripping, twisty and completely original.

Truth is available as a print book, e-book, and audiobook. These can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Audible, as well as most bookstores.


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