Wheel Of Time Season 1 Ending Explained: What Happens Next?


that of Amazon Wheel of time Season 1 ended in spectacular fashion – with the heroes mistakenly thinking the Dark One was defeated. “The wheel of time turns, and the ages follow one another, leaving memories that become a legend. The legend turns into a myth, and even the myth is forgotten when the age that gave birth to it returns.With these words, fantasy author Robert Jordan welcomed readers to what would become one of the most developed fantasy worlds of all time. Long considered impossible to adapt for the small screen, Wheel of time has now become a TV series on Amazon Prime.

The first season of Wheel of Time saw Moiraine, one of the Aes Sedai – the witches of the world from Jordan – visit the small rural village of Two Rivers. There she discovered five ta’veren – people at the heart of the Web of Destiny, who influence the world around them. She believed that one of them was the Dragon Reborn, the champion destined to stand against the Dark One, the Devil’s version of the franchise. Desperate to prematurely start the Last Battle before the Dark One could regain his strength, Moiraine brought the two to the edge of the Scourge. Successfully identifying Rand al’Thor as the Dragon, she took him to confront the Dark One.


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Wheel of time Season 1, Episode 8 follows a fairly traditional fantasy format. He divides his attention between two events; the mystical confrontation between Rand and the Dark One in the Eye of the World, and a trolloc invasion at Tarwin’s Gap. As is common in fantasy works, the magic battle is really the key to everything that happens, the actual war – with the slaughter of thousands of people – serving as the B plot. But what is all this about? mean?

Lews Therin Telamon, The Last Reborn Dragon Explained

Lews Therin Telamon Wheel of Time

The story of Wheel of time begins 3,000 years ago, when the last Dragon Reborn – Lews Therin Telamon – ended a cycle of the Wheel. He believed himself powerful enough to chain the Dark One and brought with him an army of male Channelers. The Aes Sedai of his time refused to support him in his endeavor, instead refraining from mending the world they believed he would shatter in his final battle with the Dark One. Without their presence by his side, Lews Therin Telamon only partially succeeded; he faced the Dark One in the Eye of the World, binding him with seals of an almost unbreakable mineral called cuendillar. But victory came at a price, the Dark One touching the One Power and corrupting saidin, his male half. From that day forward, any man who wielded the One Power was destined to go mad – as Lews Therin Telamon learned when he returned home and slaughtered everyone he loved.

What happened to the Dark One? Is he dead?

The Wheel of Time Dark One

Moiraine took Rand al’Thor to the eye of the world in the hope that he would repeat the process and bind the Dark One again. Her hope was that this cycle of history would end with the last anticipated battle, but in truth, she was naive in the extreme. The Shadowed One had long been aware of the power that stirred in the Two Rivers, and his agent Padan Fain had watched the five ta’veren grow. He didn’t seem to have believed Rand was the Dragon Reborn – it’s unclear which of the five ta’veren he considered most likely – but he knew that the untimely confrontation with the Dragon wouldn’t serve to defeat him. Moiraine initially believed Rand had defeated the Dark One, but she had miscalculated completely. This wasn’t the last battle – it was the first, with the Shadowed One manipulating events to break free a bit more and identifying his real opponent in the Dragon Reborn.

The best comparison is with that of JK Rowling Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone, which culminates in an apparent victory for Harry – but is actually about Harry Potter and Voldemort coming face to face for the first time since he was just a child. The comparison is imperfect, but it roughly holds; Rand refused to give in to the Dark Lord’s influence, but that doesn’t mean the Dark Lord’s threat has been defeated. He’s still out there, he’s got countless agents, and he’s really powerful.

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Cuendillar: what the Rocher de Moiraine means for the dark

Cuendillar wheel of time

Moiraine realized this truth when she looked at the cuendillary seal in the Eyes of the World. In Wheel of time, cuendillar – also known as heart stone – is a rare mineral forged by wizards during the last cycle of history. He’s nearly indestructible, absorbing any force that tries to break him, and the seals in the Darkover’s prison were made of cuendillar to hold him back. But cuendillar can indeed be destroyed by True Power, and when Rand channeled through the sa’angreal, he unleashed enough power to break a seal. Supposing Wheel of time follows the same pattern as the books, there are other seals scattered around the world, and they too are starting to fail.

How Nynaeve could help Moiraine in season 2

Wheel of Time Nynaeve White Tower Aes Sedai

Wheel of time the season 1 finale deviates significantly from the books, incorporating some ideas from later novels. One of them is the idea that Moiraine loses access to the Unique Power; in the Amazon Prime series, she is deprived of her ability to use it by the Dark One himself. This will certainly serve as a fascinating setup for Wheel of time season 2, which will likely explore Lan’s struggle to cope with the severing of his bond as a guardian; It’s possible that he would choose to bond with Nynaeve, given that the two are clearly falling in love and indeed end up being linked together in Jordan’s books.

Nynaeve and Egwene are both remarkably powerful, and they may well be able to accomplish the impossible in helping Moiraine regain access to the One Power; there seems to be almost no limit to the power these two women wield, with Egwene literally bringing Nynaeve back from the dead. Alternatively, Amazon Wheel of time could be part of the overall story of Season 2, with Moiraine resorting to the same methods she used in the books – wearing a powerful angry bracelet making her even stronger than before.

What’s happening next to the main characters in Wheel Of Time

Wheel of time where Rand goes

Wheel of time Season 1 went through the plot at a remarkable pace, rewriting many aspects of Robert Jordan’s lore to come to a satisfying conclusion. The finale goes one step further, even incorporating some storylines later in the series, which makes it particularly difficult to determine precisely where the characters will go from here. Still, it’s clear that Egwene and Nynaeve will find their way to the White Tower, where they will become entangled in the politics of Aes Sedai – and it’s quite possible that Liandrin will be exposed as Darkfriend. Meanwhile, the three ta’veren men will continue their own bows; Rand must face the madness he faces now that he has tapped into saidin, while Perrin and Mat must face their own demons.

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Wheel Of Time’s Biggest Pound Differences In The Season 1 Finale

Wheel of time Season 1 plays out very differently from the books, especially in Moiraine’s understanding of what the Eye of the World is in the first place. In Jordan’s novel, it is a reservoir of pure, uncorrupted sayin created by the Aes Sedai at the end of the last story cycle; they wanted this to be a resource the Dragon Reborn could tap into, so he didn’t have to channel corrupt words and risk insanity. This difference in approach naturally means that the confrontation between Rand and the Dark One unfolds completely differently at Amazon. Wheel of time – in the books, it’s Rand who channels the One Power to destroy an army of Trollocs, with Egwene and Nynaeve powerful but nowhere near as spectacular. All five of Emond’s Field are present at this fateful battle and play their part, where they are scattered throughout the Amazon Prime series.

Overall, the adaptation feels true to the central themes and ideas of Robert Jordan’s books, but it definitely plays fast and freely with the details. This leads to a somewhat mixed reception, with some fans somewhat shaken by how things have changed. In this case, a number of ideas for the sequel to the series were incorporated into the first season – such as the loss of Moiraine from One Power – which will naturally lead to intense speculation about the future direction of the series. .

Wheel Of Time Season 2 Setup: Seanchan’s Villains Explained

The time of the Seanchans

Wheel of time Season 1 ends with a new threat arriving on the western shore of the continent – the Seanchans. In the books, the Seanchan Empire was created a thousand years after the Trolloc Wars, and it has already lasted for generations. The Seanchans were successful in eliminating all Shadowspawn on their continent, but they came to view One Power as a tool that should be used; they use cuendillary necklaces to control the channelers, turning them into puppets under their control. The final scenes of Wheel of time Season 1 hints at just how dangerous the Seanchans really are, as their arrival is heralded by a gigantic wave of destruction. In the books, the Seanchans actually manage to capture some of the more powerful Aes Sedai, bending them to their will – and they even manage to keep Egwene herself on a leash. It remains to be seen whether Amazon Wheel of time series will follow the same approach, or if the plot will be somewhat twisted.

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Wheel of time Rand and Moiraine in episode 8

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