Why an Amazon e-note device makes sense


Amazon was the pioneer when it came to e-reading devices. Its e-readers set the benchmark in the industry and have evolved over the years to become excellent devices for reading eBooks or listening to audiobooks. So far so good, but there is a new segment of devices that emerged late, that of e-note devices which are essentially tablets with an E Ink display, a segment that Amazon clearly lacks. Now the big question is whether Amazon will follow industry trends and then launch an e-note device.

While it’s still shrouded in mystery, here are a few reasons why it should.

Offers more features than reading e-books

The one thing that is common to all the e-reading devices that Amazon has released so far is that they offer pure reading pleasure. With zero distractions as there are no incoming notifications to worry about, e-readers aim to become immersed in the book you’re reading. They also offer dictionary support and will also allow you to understand e-magazines or other digital publications.

However, electronic notes take things a step further as they will also allow you to take notes. Many like the Onyx Boox Note Air 2 run Android and provide access to the Google Play Store. This opens up a lot of opportunities given the huge selection of apps that can be installed on the device. Reinskstone R1 is another e-note device that also runs Android 11 and will also allow users to sideload their own apps.

Ideal for artists, students, businesses

All electronic note devices offer note-taking capability, making them an ideal replacement for paper. In this way, electronic notes can also be great for the environment. Such devices can be extremely convenient for students as they can take notes while reading academic books or inscribe a diagram and save them separately if needed.

Artists can also tap into the wide selection of drawing apps, each offering a distinct set of features to meet varying requirements. Likewise, there are apps that the business world can use to take notes, do calculations, etc., things they would otherwise do on paper. Take for example the Remarkable 2 which can be one of the best alternatives to real paper and is backed by solid hardware and stylus support.

Almost all launched electronic notes

The Kobo Elipsa is one of the best electronic note devices and is the first of the big three – Amazon, B&N and Kobo – to offer an electronic note device. Onyx, Reinkstone, Fujitsu, Remarkable, etc. have already launched electronic note devices which have been well received in the market. Amazon is the biggest of them all and an e-note from it may be the biggest thing the segment has ever had so far.

A lot of people want it

Given that electronic notes are all the rage these days, this clearly indicates that there is a distinct market for it. Although e-readers are great for reading e-books, many would love to have something more. As already mentioned, they are perfect for taking a quick note, jotting down a diagram, etc. The E Ink screen ensures they have the least stress on the eyes, have long battery life and are as readable in direct sunlight as anywhere else.

While Amazon’s current line of e-readers, including the latest Kindle Paperwhite, are great for reading, it may have a Kindle variant that offers note-taking capability. Currently, Amazon offers the Kindle line of e-readers and the Kindle Fire series of tablets. A Kindle e-note device, if it sees the light of day, can be considered a cross between the two. As it stands, Kindle is already tipped to launch a new Oasis and it would be great if it gave it note-taking capability, much like the Kobo Sage. However, it would be better if Amazon launched a 10-inch-plus e-note device, modeled after the Kobo Elipsa.


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