You must listen to the Heat 2 audiobook


Michael Mann could never let go of the story that eventually became 1995 Heat. Originally conceived as a TV show titled Teardown of LA, the story eventually blossomed into a 3 hour epic (and a TNT weekend staple) Heat. But condensing a TV show into a movie left a lot of story points scattered around – plotlines that eventually found their way into the prequel/sequel. Heat 2. Written by Mann and Meg Gardiner, Heat 2 explores things like the eventual fate of Chris Shiherlis and the origins of Neil McCauley’s (Robert DeNiro) mantra “Don’t get attached to something you’re not ready to get out of in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around from the corner.” If you are sad after Heat is a book, don’t be. For one thing, Heat 2 can be adapted to the big screen (with Timothée Chalamet in the role of Yung Pacino?). On the other hand, the audio book is a cinematic event in itself.

Heat 2 is read by Peter Giles, who does the damn thing. Giles reads the whole book in a grave, ultra-serious and ultra-hoarse tone. 19 hour delivery “in a world…” trailer-style. Or maybe even the Scream killer sound caption player on TikTok. He grunts the whole thing in a tone that only trees can hear. It’s camping. It’s a perfect match for Mann’s ultra-violence and dark take on the cops and robbers game. To put it simply, at the drop of a hat Heat 2 the narration will be rock and roll. To listen to it yourself, check out the audiobook on most audiobook outlets or at your local library through the Libby app.


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