You’ll want to book your flights quickly before prices start to rise


HONOLULU (KHON2) – If you’re planning on taking a trip, you might want to do it before the airfares go up.

Currently, airfares are low, dropping significantly after the holiday rush.

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According to Consumer Airfare Index Report by Hopper, domestic air fares are relatively low. They reported that it is currently at $234/round trip and international airfare is at an all time low for January at $649/round trip.

They predict an average increase of 7% in domestic air fares each month until June.

This means that if you have postponed your trip due to price, now would be the best time to book a flight and see the world.

They reported that the most popular searches for domestic flights were Orlando, Las Vegas and Miami. The most popular international searches were London, Cancun and Paris.

When it comes to booking a flight in advance, they reported that travelers continue to book closer to their travel dates due to uncertainty related to the COVID pandemic.

They reported that domestic travelers were booking flights 35 days in advance on average, up from 45 days from January 2019.

International travelers book their flights 55 days in advance on average compared to 74 days in advance in 2019.

So far, they’ve reported that 2022 has started well with cheaper-than-average airfares. They suggest booking flights early and taking advantage of frequent flyer programs and offers.

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